Central Backup of Messages using Bag A Chat

Be it a manufacturing unit, turnkey solution provider, real estate or any other organizations - instant messenger has become the most convenient and easiest way to discuss business with teams, vendors and customers. With increase in social media for business, data backup becomes important for all users involved in the business communication. Furthermore old chats on IM are lost with more and more data accumulating!
How to backup IM chats for the entire organization? Using Bag A Chat, you can backup instant messenger messages, organize better and search faster.

Centrally backup all important IM messages of the entire team

  • Backup important messages and media from multiple groups or individual conversations.
  • Business chats on IM from all users in your team, are backed up centrally.
  • Every team member can add IM business chats to the central cloud.
  • No fear of losing key updates on projects, no matter who sent it and when.

Organize data project-wise in folders using labels

  • Attach labels to store chat messages project wise in different folders.
  • Now you can create labels for projects, team, vendor Invoices, job work photos, status reporting, campaign updates etc. as per your choice.
  • Add one or many labels to IM message(s), change/remove labels easily.
  • Create public labels too - which can be accessed by entire team.

Search messages quickly

Don't get lost in thousands of social media messages from entire team. Search chats quickly using multiple filters. Search by sender, group, date range, text, labels, media type or any combination of filters. Now, project communication on IM is at your fingertips!

Access business data everywhere you go on every device

IM central backup is stored on secure internet cloud. Team members can restore chats from anywhere and any device like desktop, smart phone or tab using his/her login. Admin can control the data access privilege for every user. So the business information is at your disposal anytime you need it.

The whole solution has been explained using popular instant messenger as it is more popular. We also work with other messenger systems.

We customize our solution to adapt to your business needs. For more details, you can contact us and we will get in touch with you.


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