Customer Care using Bag A Chat

Your businesses may have your own application for customer service. It may be an in-house or third party CRM, helpdesk or your own website or app. Your application is already taking customer requests, queries or complaints on other communication channels like email, SMS, phone or missed call etc. Automated services may also be running on your platform.

Along with other old channels (email, sms, missed call), Whatsapp has become popular platform with its more than 1 billion active users and corporates have also started using whatsapp for business. You don't want to miss that especially when it comes to customer care. It offers great advantage over conventional channels

  • Social Media Channels are free for both customers and business entities - from anywhere around the world
  • Using Instant Messengers, service requests can be shared by customers along with media/document attachments (photos, PDF etc.)

Bag A Chat Link solution helps you connect Instant Messenger with your existing customer service system.

Benefits of Bag A Chat Link

  • Customer representatives continue to use the existing system to serve the customers reaching out on Instant Messenger. So no need to learn a new system.
  • No need to integrate the data from 2 different applications to get the complete picture of customer service.
  • Easy to integrate - your system is connected to Instant Messenger merely by configuration! No development needed!
  • No fake customer queries or OTP authentication needed - message senders are verified automatically as their phone number is sent to your system.
  • Unlike phone call or missed call platform - a single phone number is sufficient to handle your customer support and marketing campaigns
  • Continue to provide the same automated services to customers - now from popular instant messenger!

No Development needed at your end - Configurable connectivity

Bag A Chat Link connects to your system, simply by configuration from our web-based portal! If your system supports REST APIs, then no development is needed on your side to make the system compatible. You can get started as soon as you register for the service! All the social media messages (text/media/documents) are forwarded to your system real-time, as and when received.

Web-Based portal for message management

If you don't have any customer service application yet and looking for serving customers on social media - BagAChat Link provides a web based portal to help you access and organize the incoming messages on your company social media account. You or your team can access the messages from any device like desktop, laptop, tab and smartphone - using a login. No monitoring of the support phone is needed.
You can apply advance search filters, add comments to messages. You can build customer database by downloading the contacts in CSV format. Many more actions can be taken on the messages from the portal.

Powerful Analytics/trends on messages

Now running a marketing campaign on instant messenger is super-easy. Running contests on instant messenger is guaranteed to get huge response. As more and more data gets added to the cloud based BagAChat Link solution, you can view trends on data. Check the weekly trend of number of customers contacted your or messages received. Check which hash-tag is trending - real time! Decide the winners from the senders within few minutes.
Trends help you find what services are more asked for by customers. Run hash-tag based customer surveys/polls... just publish the hash-tags and keep viewing the trends of responses.

This service comes at monthly subscription and has a trial period too! To get more details or queries, contact us and we will work with you to get you onboard!