Customer Support using Bag A Chat

Be available on popular instant messengers with your customers to maintain a personal touch and agility in services. Publish your support phone number on website to support via social media as well.

Create ticket status labels and assign priorities

Organize customer queries over chat. Creating labels like 'PENDING' 'ASSIGNED', 'CLOSED', 'URGENT'. While saving new messages from Customer in app, assign 'PENDING' label. Save further interaction under the same label. Apply multiple labels like 'ASSIGNED' & 'URGENT' same messages.

Delegate task to team and track progress

Assign task to team member by using 'Send email'. All messages with details (customer name, message time) get sent. Change label to 'ASSIGNED'. Your chats with staff on this ticket can be saved under this label too. Once ticket is resolved, change label to 'CLOSED'.

Select any message from ticket and create follow-up Reminder in calendar, as per expected closure SLA.

Maintain ticket history and hence better customer care

Once the ticket is resolved, upload messages under 'CLOSED' label to your Google drive or Dropbox account, as per choice. Now ticket history is accessible any time in future, irrespective of deleting chat from messenger. It always helps to remember conversation history of customers!

Selectively save key communication and Search Quickly

Save only important messages from your individual or team conversations. No need to save all messages. View all these messages under 'PERSON' or 'GROUP' tab. Messages pertaining to a project can be labeled e.g. 'Status update'

User multi-level search filter in app to find old tickets using 'customer name', label, text etc. any time in future.

As your organization grows, you may need more advanced customer support workflows like below:

- Full-fledged app based ticketing and tracking system

- Support effectiveness dashboards

- Integrating customer chats with your CRM, in-house customer support systems

We work with you to understand your support needs and customize our solution accordingly. To get more details or queries, contact us and we will get in touch with you.