Project Tracking using Bag A Chat

Be it a manufacturing unit, wholesalers, hospital or other organizations - WhatsApp or Hike has become easy way to exchange updates with teams. Make this communication more organized.

Selectively organize project updates under labels

Save only important official messages multiple conversations from WhatsApp or Hike. Attach labels to messages and save vendor communication, Invoices, job work photos, status reporting, premium client chats together. Add one or more labels to message(s), change/remove labels easily.

Easy vendor management

Are your vendors & suppliers using WhatsApp or Hike extensively? Create labels like 'Invoices', 'Vendor management' etc. to store PO, invoices, images of spare parts from vendors. Track each vendor communication history closely. Create reminders on messages to track delivery, payments, follow-up schedules.

Data privacy and Cloud backup

Your business messages are stored separately from gallery. So if you clear chat or gallery, your business data is intact. Upload all or selected messages to internet cloud using Google drive or Dropbox. No risk of losing key data accidently. Email labeled messages together to team members.

Search messages quickly

Don't get lost in thousands of messages in WhatsApp or Hike. Search quickly using multiple filters like by sender, date range, text, labels, media type or any combination of filters. Searching contacts, addresses, quotations, order details received on messengers is really easy now.

Every business uses WhatsApp or Hike differently. You may have more needs in your project like:

- Adding important chat communication to your ERP, CRM, SRM or in-house business management tools

- A collaborative view of business communication

- Management dashboards

- More business actions based on messages

We customize our solution to adapt to your business needs. For more details, you can contact us at